Whale Watching - Mirissa


Sri Lanka is fast emerging as one of the best locations for whale watching. Consistent weather, tropical sun and relatively calm waters make conditions favourable around the island for whale watching, among the finest in the world. Sri Lanka is probably the best location in the world for seeing both Blue Whales and Sperm Whales at the same place.

Fishing village Mirissa is located on the South West Coast of Sri Lanka, on a tropical setting with palm fringed golden beaches bordering the mighty Indian ocean, Mirissa is the perfect place on earth to explore the underwater treasures or set off on an expedition/adventure to watch whales and dolphins habitats, as Sri Lanka and particularly Mirissa is now becoming a hot-spot for such experiences and getting more and more attention from whale watchers all over the world. Since the Continental Shelf is at its narrowest point, the deep water provides ideal feeding ground for migrating whales from November to April every year.