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Let us take you on a visual journey  to Sri Lanka ..

November - April

Whale Watching

Whale watching season in southern coast of Sri Lanka: November to April.

Few years back it was uncovered that the southern coast of Sri Lanka is probably the best place in the world for seeing Blue Whales - the largest creatures on our planet. The Deep South of Sri Lanka is becoming popular as one of the world's best locations for watching Blue Whales and Sperm Whales  In fact, for seeing both Sperm and Blue Whales together, it may even turn out to be the best location in the world. read more

July / August

Kandy Esala Perahera

The Kandy Esala Perahera is the most colorful and the biggest annual festival of the Temple of The Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha “Sri Dalada Maligawa” in Kandy Sri Lanka. This is a MUST SEE event and probably the biggest cultural festival in Asia.

August - October

Elephant Gathering

Every year during the months of August to October when water becomes scarce in the North Central province of Sri Lanka, wild elephants from all around the country move towards the large reservoir of the Minneriya National Park creating one of the most awesome wildlife events. read more

"THE GREAT ELEPHANT GATHERING OF ASIA” Annual wildlife spectacle "The Great Elephant Gathering" at the Minneriya National Park is the most sought after wildlife tourism attraction in Sri Lanka and the greatest wildlife spectacle in Asia. It is also the 6th greatest wildlife spectacle in the world. Asian elephant is an endangered species with less than 50 000 in the wild, mainly due to habitat loss. Being home to over 6000 wild jumbos, Sri Lanka is an unparalleled oasis for these animals.

The island boasts of holding the highest density of elephants in the world in a mere 65000 Each year from the month of April, herds of elephants begin to gather at the Minneriya National Park in north central province of Sri Lanka. Week by week the numbers grow until several hundred can be seen by the months of August/ September creating a unique natural spectacle, the Great Elephant Gathering of Asia.

This documentary film is the first ever of its kind of production and provides a deep insight to the Elephant gathering at the Minneriya National park, unveiling its ecological interaction with water levels of the ancient Minneriya tank built in the 3rd century BC, which is the secret behind the formation of the Great Elephant Gathering of Asia. It is an attempt to highlight the social structure, social harmony, intelligence, social and biological needs of wild elephants and negative impacts of possible alterations to the sensitive eco region and better awareness of the endangered Asian Elephants.

DP: Dilum Alagiyawanna DOP: Dilum Alagiyawanna Editor: Tissa Surendra Writer(s) / Research: Dilum Alagiyawanna & Navoda Alagiyawanna